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 Post subject: Belongas Bay, Southern Lombok, 13-16 October 2011
PostPosted: Wed Oct 19, 2011 6:30 pm 
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Lokasi: 1 jam perjalanan darat, South of Mataram, facing Indian Ocean

Currents: Strong, bisa berganti unpredictably thruout dives, w/ downcurrents, toilet swirls, plus constant swells/surges.

Surface conditions: 3-11ft swells depending on sites.

Water temp: 22-23C

Viz: 10-15m

Weather: Sunny, 28-29C, arrived on a full moon.

Highlights: Hammerheads, eagle rays, yellow-tail barracudas, white-tips, gray reefs, snakes, tunas, GTs, octopi.

The Magnet
Pinnacle in the middle of the ocean, fairly rough seas. We dived this site 3 times. First dive, begitu turun, ketemu 1st hammerhead di 5m, besar kira2 2m. Setelah itu selalu ketemu beberapa sekaligus thruout the dive. Once ketemu 2 hammerheads plus an eagle ray sekaligus. Viz was not the best, biasanya ketemu si hammerhead udah agak dekat, tapi begitu mereka dekat dengan diver mereka langsung kabur. Begini terus over and over thruout the dive.

In the middle of the dive we swam next to a large school of yellow-tail barracudas (they didn’t mind us divers), yang di belakangnya langsung diikuti 3 hammerheads.

The biggest hammerhead yang kita ketemu dalam 3 dives di Magnet kira2 2.5m, cruising in solitary. Looked really fat and solid. Begitu dia dekat dengan kita, she tilted her body, exposing a very white underbelly, then swam away.

In addition to eagle rays, white-tips and school of tunas, disini juga ketemu 1 sea snake yang warnanya yellow-black band, tidak black-white band seperti biasanya. It was really fat, and definitely tidak takut dengan divers. Waktu surface interval di atas, kita ketemu lagi dengan ular ini, yang naik ke surface untuk ambil napas near our boat.

The Cathedral
Another pinnacle far from shore, with rough surface conditions, and lots of snakes here karena ada sarangnya nearby. The snakes here tidak takut untuk berenang di antara divers’ legs, around your body, etc. At one point some of us witnessed a snake coming behind 1 diver, mengendus2 pundak kiri belakang our buddy, unbeknownst to him. Ular ini terus berusaha masuk ke dalam BCDnya dari belakang, tapi our buddy totally oblivious to what’s going on.

Viz juga not the best here, and the currents keep changing on a dime. Disini juga ketemu barracudas, as well as GTs.

Gili Sarang
Big gray reef, many octopi, lots of smaller rays in sandy bottom. Easier dive, but swells/surges still present.

Dive center used was Dive Zone (specializes in Lombok bagian Selatan,, accommodation was with The Lodge @ Belongas Bay (

This area is quite remote, no mobile, no cars, no phones, no TV, no electricity (other than genset at night)……basically nothing to do here except dive or surf.

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 19, 2011 9:54 pm 

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Belongas is one of my favorite dive destination.. apalagi kalo ada miss belongas :lol:

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 21, 2011 5:46 pm 

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kaya nya seru nih pengalaman divingnya, cuman bahasanya yang bingung :cry:
maklum wong ndeso


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